December 7, 2011

A Suitcase A Dream

Details as per below ^__^ 

We are a bunch of people who has a little dream in our little suitcase, and we can't keep it to ourselves, we want to share it out! come dream on with us, come see what's inside our suitcase, come join us for this coming 17th December at Poco Zakka & kitchen (Sunway Giza Mall).

A small gathering + craft market + foods (yeah we love foods too!) with handmade friends.
We will each bring a little suitcase, stuffed with some of our handmade stuffs, eats and play and sell a little of our creations, everyone is welcome to join us! but we will bring a little number of handmade only, hope you don't mind!

我們是一群擁有小小夢想的手作人。我們熱愛手作,把把我們一點一點的夢想裝在我們的皮箱裡。17/12/2011, 我們誠意邀請大家來POCO ZAKKA & KITCHEN 找我們,大家可以在這裡和我們談談天,喝喝茶,也可以來購買我們的手作。到時見啦~

日期:17/12/2011 (星期六)
时间:3 pm – 9pm
地点:Poco Zakka & Kitchen, Sunway Giza Mall (C-01-G)
Poco Zakka & kitchen( Sunway Giza Mall), C-01-G Sunway Giza Mall, Jalan PJU5/14, PJU 5, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya.

Suitcases member :-
(1) Hoyoyi handmade - Hoyoyi
(2) Chiwawa Family - Celine
(3) Joan's beads House- Joan
(4) Bear dot com - Kim Goh
(5) Artchala handmade - Artchala
(6) Wonderkitten - Lois
(7) Minifanfan handmade - Minifanfan
(8) Evangelione's Handmade - Tako
(9) LazyBone Handmade - Sam
(10) MaymayShop - Meiwei
(11) Dream Land Station- Agnes
(12) Oow-Miu - Esther Saw
(13) Lozl Artpieces - Zhi Ling

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