November 14, 2010

Let's Have A Shopping Trip At Our Miniature Shoplot

Date : 13 November 2010
Time : 10 am to 7 pm
Venue : Pipit Wonderful Market

10am : Has a cup of coffee and a piece of delicious cake at Tell Tales Cafe owned: Y.WooiKhoo. Her shop is always fullhouse, hardly to find a place to sit
10.45am: Enter fisrt shop Bear dot com, fancy shop operated by pretty sexy lady Kimberlly
11.30am: Attracted by a newly open shop - - 格格Blue owned by Joaan
12pm: Bought toys for niece at Cute Bear Toys (Owner: 淡淡谈手艺)
1.45pm: Having lunch at my favorite sushi restaurant owned by Luna
2.30pm: Evangelione's Handmade - - who has lots of local and oversea fans, open a shop near my area!!! You can order from her thru her online shop as well.

3pm: Shop for stationary at Alien's Stationary (Opps!!! Owner Alien look very tired)
3.30pm: time to buy some new cloths for my X'mas party! (Owner: Faerie Lee)

4.30pm: Ice-cream at Littlekoh の冰休闲雪,yummy yummy (Owner: Littlekoh)
5pm: Bought chinese medicine at 仁福堂海味参茸行 for my parents (Owner:Yen)
5.30pm: Handmade Choco' s House! Must buy some choco for myself! (Owner: Bluemoonh2o)
6pm: Help my cousin to take her prewedding photo album from Victorian bridal shop owned by Ai-Yoyo
6.15pm: Exhausted after whole day of non-stop shopping, time to relax at manicure shop operated by pretty Lulusan
6.45pm: Bought a Herbal Tea at 仁和堂 (Owner: Half Lemon)
7pm: Have a look at my White House furniture shop and go back home

Overview of my whole day shopping trip: Crowded but enjoying.


  1. wow! so many fantastic stuff!

  2. I love the way you link our shops in this one day 'shopping trip'. It's my pleasure to meet you!

  3. Hi *Tea, I felt the same as well when i saw so many dollhouse yesterday.

    Dream Catcher Fairy, nice to meet you too.

  4. nice blog, really nice shopping day !!